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The pandemic has led to a shift in research processes for many industries, the global network of agencies, studios, and collectives.

OKF has been used to look at this need by making it possible for a distributed team to work together and engage with local partners, program staff and frontline workers directly to conduct research on ground.


What is the system?




Train Field Staff

Translate your research tools and methods to be executed by staff and local teams who engage in target communities already. With our virtual training modules, train staff anywhere in the world to be able to execute research projects.

Monitor Research & Support Realtime

The researchers on ground then use the contribution systems configured and customised for each project, to share notes everyday. Support them in real time to iterate your process, or help them gain better insights with every interaction.

Synthesize Together

Using our coding, filtering and listing systems, dive into specific notes or sections of notes from the field while you synthesize like you always do. Use the annotated material to gain insight across large qualitative and quantitative datasets.

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Key Features

Customised Templates

The design of each research project is unique, and we work closely with research designers as well as researchers to build, test and deploy customised templates to aid the note taking and annotation process.

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Annotation & Coding

Find connections and gain insight by tagging and annotating fragments of qualitative data. The annotated data can be viewed in configured analysis views and the data exported for synthesis through open formats.

Access Control

The power of a system like the OKF is in allowing a number of researchers and collaborators to work together on a large qualitative dataset. As the manager of a project you can set up a number of different roles and fine tune who has read, edit and write access to the data.

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Additional Features

There are a number of additional features such as

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Offline Saving & Syncing of data


Progressive Web App (PWA)

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Participant Management

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Case Studies

Game of Choice Research with Vihara Asia

For Vihara Innovation Network, the purpose of the research was to collect data during the pandemic, to build a foundational understanding of their primary stakeholders, their behaviour, perception and habits. The framework served as a tool for the field partners to collect data. The Vihara team could then monitor the data collection in real time and slice and analyse the data using different filters.

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