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Vihara Innovation Network (VIN) was working on a project around building a digital gamified experience for boys and men to engage with issues around gender, sexuality, and reproductive health. The purpose of the research was to collect data to build a foundational understanding of their primary stakeholders, their behavior, perception, and habits during the pandemic.


The framework served as a tool for the field partners to collect data easily and comfortably. Vihara team could then monitor the data collection in real-time and slice and analyse the data using different filters and settings.

July 2021-December 2021

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Qualitative Data Collection

Input of data via customised templates based on the research guides set by teams at Vihara

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Analysis Views and Data Pivot

Using tags to categorise various discussion guides helped to slice and analyse data on the platform.

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Access Control

Grant access to selected modules on the platform to team members to ensure sensitive data is protected.

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Managing Participants

Participant manager to assign researchers to the participants involved in recurrent studies.

Objective of Collaboration

Quality Data Collection 

Ensuring the data collected by the field researchers is rich, and nuanced qualitative data that will be useful for Vihara teams to access remotely.

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Using our flexible content templates, we translated various research activities to help field researchers take notes without losing any details.

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Managing Data

Managing data with previously used techniques was also a pain point. The objective was to manage the input and view the data with proper naming and tagging.

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The data was collated in a way to view both qualitative and quantitative input, customised with relevant filters to help program and design teams during the synthesis process.

Real Time Monitoring Across Regions

With the research being carried out in multiple regions by different sets of researchers, the program team needed better ways to support the researchers, and monitor the output in real-time.

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Current Status

After the research and synthesis were complete, the Domain and Hosting was transferred to the client team to host and keep the data on the platform secure and accessible to them at any point in time.

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