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PATH is an international non profit organisation that works with various stakeholders on public health issues ranging from tuberculosis, HIV, malaria to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  The PATH India team in particular works with regional, state and national level actors to support large programs around public health.

The platform was used to help PATH support states to improve the capacity and access to COVID-19 testing through systems strengthening. The project geography includes the states of Maharashtra, Punjab and Meghalaya.

Duration of the project: Jan 2021 - March 2022

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Sharing Resources, Reports and Insights

Simple templates to help members of the team to share their learnings from across the globe.

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Data Visualisation and Data Pivoting

Collating and visualising datasets from a wide data source for better decision making on strategic action on ground.

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Access Control

Custom visibility of different content types to the project staff and to the outside world, to ensure sensitive data is protected.

Objective of Collaboration

Knowledge sharing across stakeholders

Given the rapidly changing situation, the various teams working across locations needed a way to collaborate and collate the information being generated through the project. Various types of information was being brought together, from observations from field visits, to government notifications, key news articles to research papers and reports.

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For the knowledge section, we worked with the PATH team to create customised content types that help various team members to add and update important information. This includes resources, reports and observations from the field.

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The platform had certain open sections such as the data dashboards, and knowledge resources that are collated from open public sources. Few internal reports, observations from field visits were accessible only to the project team for their research and synthesis processes.

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Customised Data Dashboards

Additionally, there was a need to have a customised data dashboard that highlighted the focussed states. The metrics that were critical, were displayed in a way that was relevant to the project stakeholders.

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Our product team worked closely with the experts in the PATH India team to work on the visualisations built on top of open data APIs to build the customised data dashboards.

A Common, Accessible Space

Overall the goal was to have a single space which brought these disparate sources of knowledge and the data together to help the PATH India team as well as their stakeholders in the sense making processes.

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Lastly, the web based platform, while already responsive on browsers, was also deployed with offline capabilities on a Progressive Web App (PWA) which is especially important for team members to record their observations while in the field in areas with poor or no network connectivity.

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