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Knowledge Management

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For any organisation implementing a program at scale, the teams need a space to share their learning from the ground and make it available for others as they innovate in context. 


Besides building the habits and attitudes of a learning organisation, the OKF has been used to create a space for sharing learnings, challenges and knowledge of a program with team members across hierarchies and regions.


What knowledge do teams share?


Challenges, Stories and Learnings from the Ground

As a team works on a program, they share their experiences with others to learn from, and adopt innovative and contextual solutions.


Community Data for Monitoring

The team logs quantitative and qualitative data to document their work. This data helps program managers monitor and make data-driven decisions.


Toolkits, Best Practices and Learning Content

The teams share information, formats, and processes documented in a way that helps program staff execute activities and functions efficiently.

Key Features

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Share learnings,
resources, stories

Empower all the members of your organisation to post and share stories, learning resources and updates using customised templates.

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Bring all stakeholders
on a single platform

Make all team members and their work visible on your platform, and organise into groups, by region, area of expertise, domain or programs.

Access Control and Moderation

Configure various roles on the platform with fine-tuned control on who can read, write, access and moderate content on the platform.

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Customised Data Dashboards

Make better decisions using data dashboards which show an aggregate view of the quantitative and qualitative data entered by the team or from other sources to monitor the program.

Social Activation Support

We work closely with the people managing data and knowledge of a program to support their usage of the platform. We guide the integration of the platform into program activities so that it becomes an essential tool in implementation.

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Additional Features

There are a number of additional features such as

Custom Domain Hosting.png

Custom Domain Hosting


Progressive Web App (PWA)


Integration of Newsletter

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Virtual Capacity Building Services


Multiple Language Support

Case Studies

Knowledge Management for COVID-19 Testing Project (PATH India)

PATH is an international non-profit organisation that works with various stakeholders on public health issues ranging from tuberculosis, HIV, and malaria to the COVID-19 pandemic. OKE was used as a knowledge management tool for the teams working with the government, to share best practices and capacity building around COVID testing protocols, technologies and monitoring on the ground.  

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Picture credits: Martin Lopez

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