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Ooloi Labs

We create solutions that aid teams to solve for pressing social and ecological problems affecting humanity


The problems facing large populations across the world require communities and those working on the ground to take control of solutions through support from the network of practitioners, donors, experts and researchers.

We believe that whether programs are looking to scale up or scale out, it is essential that they be 'bottom-centered', designed to support the empowerment of those closest to the ground. The first mile.

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Open Knowledge Engine

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The OKE System Can Be Used In A Number Of Ways. Our Partners are Currently Using it in the Following Ways

To help teams learn and take action at scale, we have created a system of technical components, design interactions, strategic tools and services



Helping programs to get deeper insight into the work happening on the field, and share learnings transparently across a wide range of stakeholders



Helping domain specific or sectoral networks connect across geographies and hierarchies to share knowledge, share updates and build stronger communities



Work with field partners across geographies and linguistic boundaries to conduct research, unlocking deep insights, making HCD processes accessible and transparent

Virtual training

To enable learning, capacity building and training at scale, it is now an imperative to go virtual and leverage appropriate technology. We co-design, build and execute learning journeys, mindsets, and content to help organisations and programs facilitate learning remotely

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We build socio-technical systems, powered by our own products working in concert with existing solutions to help scale programs to go wider and deeper.

We do these through our two systems: The
Open Knowledge Engine and Virtual Training.

How we do what we do

We believe in the idea of co-building with our partners and their teams. This means that we deploy lean prototypes, test them with actual people, and allow the prototypes and ideas to evolve in the environment where they will eventually be used


Research and People


Throughout our process, we apply human centered design methodologies to ensure we genuinely understand the people who we are designing with and for


Lean Product Development


Instead of trying to create the perfect product from the get go, we use the 'Open Knowledge Engine' and other open frameworks and tools to build quick and dirty prototypes, and get them into the hands of users at the earliest

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Testing and Iterating


Based on these early prototypes, we then take in feedback and iterate along with our partner and users, to create prototypes with higher and higher stability and fidelity, evolving with the system in the long run.


We are a multi-disciplinary team, collaborating remotely from across India

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