Virtual Training

Empowering workers and communities to learn, share knowledge and build capacities through the use of appropriate socio-technical systems

We create human centred learning journeys.

Whether it’s to upgrade skills, new processes or tools with internal teams, or program partners to expand the reach of a program, we work closely with our partners and learners to craft touchpoints, learning content, and systems to help meet learning and training needs.


Contextual systems


We build human-centred learning journeys that are contextual and audience-centric. Through this approach, we use participatory learning methods to build the knowledge and understanding of the audience.

Customised to the operating model for scale


For this system to be sustainable, it has to be customised by identifying the operating model for scale. It is a combination of high touch and low touch points while still being remote and rooted in peer-to-peer learning.

Continuous learning

Although a three day long, face to face training helps, it is not enough for people on the ground to have a long-lasting impact. Through an extended virtual engagement, we can balance between theory, application and assessment to have a lasting grasp of the content.

Bite-sized Learning


With the new eLearning trends of consuming information, microlearning and bite-sized learning have a lot more impact than traditional methods of content delivery. This approach is efficient for a range of learners. The idea is to deliver content that is small, specific and in bursts.

What we offer

Using the right mix of low and high touch elements, we design systems for remote learning that are more accessible and affordable for people. The virtual nature of the course reduces the space and time limitations for learners, field experts, leaders and people on the ground, allowing them to interact with each other, creating value for both parties.


Content fidelity that suits the audience

Translation of content into bite-sized learning modules, content writing, visual design and building audio formats can have a range of fidelity. Based on the needs of the learners, the curriculum and engagement type, we design content using a mix of content design and delivery methods.

Delivery methods that help in continuous learning

Any virtual engagement aims to get close to sustained in-person training as possible. We achieve it through a web of touchpoints that are accessible and familiar to the participants.

LMS or Learning Management Systems, webinars, The ‘Open Knowledge Engine’ and existing communication channels for one to one mentoring and peer support are a few examples

Research and Piloting the learning journeys

We work closely with partners for research and piloting to ensure the learnings from the pilot are included in the curriculum and the delivery of training. We then hand over the training such that partners can take approaches forward themselves.

Use Cases

Integrated Fluorosis Mitigation

INREM Foundation works on various issues with a focus on water quality and health.
Ooloi Labs partnered with INREM to build learning journeys and content delivery techniques to train their partners on the basics of Fluoride and Fluorosis. Along with that, we designed a course that included Integrated Fluorosis Mitigation that helps practitioners, government officials, NGO leaders get an understanding of action around fluorosis mitigation in an actionable way.

Know more about INREM Foundation >


STEM for Girls

Quest Alliance is a not-for-profit trust that equips young people with 21st-century skills by enabling self-learning.  

Ooloi Labs is working with Quest Alliance to build digital bite-sized content for young girls to make informed life and career choices and to introduce them to STEM as a career pathway, gender, 21st-century life skills and coding.

Know more about Quest Alliance >

Learnership: Design Thinking for Program Staff

For the internal teams at Quest and to develop a system around innovation practice at Quest, Ooloi Labs designed a course that broke down the idea of ‘innovation’. We designed a module that supports any stakeholder to develop a product, process or system and create far-reaching impact within their work itself.

Know more about Quest Alliance >

We believe that grassroots workers and communities are best placed to make the deepest, most contextual and long lasting impact for themselves.

Let us help you build systems to support them through systems for continuous learning from peers, experts and other practitioners.

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