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Our Mission


Make Design Research Scalable and Accessible

Make Research Processes Transparent and Participatory

Help Insights from HCD Processes Drive Program Design

An Opportunity

The current crisis has been a wake up call for many industries, the global network of agencies, studios and collectives who support international development and third sector organisations among them. With researchers unable to travel, at Ooloi we see an opportunity to engage local partners, program staff and frontline workers to engage with the communities they work in. We're proposing a shift in who actually engages in research.


Train Field Staff

Get Notes and Support Realtime

Synthesize Together

Translate your research tools and methods to be executed by staff who engage in target communities already. With our virtual training modules, train field staff anywhere in the world to be able to execute research projects.

The field staff then use our insights, notes and observation contribution systems modified for each project, type of interaction or research tool to share notes every day. Support them in real time to iterate your process, or help them gain better insights with every interaction.

Using our coding, filtering and listing systems, dive into specific notes or sections of notes from the field while you synthesize like you always do. But do it online with the field staff participating and helping you make sense of the very communities they work in and have deep tacit knowledge of.


Custom templates for note taking without losing nuance and detail

Customised Formats for Note Taking and Recording Insights

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Systems to help organise data better during synthesis

See the Data as it gets Recorded and Support Field Teams when they Need it Most

Access Control

Fine Tuned Control Over Who Can Access your Data

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Additional Features

Dashboards to Share Highlights With Your Team and Clients

Integrate with Quantitative Data Streams

Help Field Staff Input Notes through IM Services

Host Securely On Your Own Custom Domain

Attach Video and Other Rich Media to Notes

Get Support Throughout the Process of Your Project

Service to Translate Research Frameworks and Tools for Use by Field Staff

Train On-field Resources through Virtual Training Support

We're Grassroots and Impact Focused,
just like you.

Let us Help you Connect Across Geographic and Linguistic Boundaries to Unlock the Potential of Human Centered Design. 

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