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There are many domains, sectors and region-specific Communities of Practice and Networks. Various efforts around breaking silos and garnering collaboration often end at well-meaning conferences and webinars.


OKF has been contextualised to address this gap by connecting practitioners, experts, and frontline workers in a single space, where the tacit knowledge of various stakeholders can be directed towards action to facilitate real exchange and connections.


What Networks Need

What Networks Need


Connect Across Hierarchies and Regions

Networked learning spaces should connect beyond leadership to learn from staff across hierarchies, regions and linguistic boundaries.


Unlock the Tacit Knowledge of all Stakeholders

Building a rich collective repository of knowledge should not be limited to articles and journal papers, but extend to supporting knowledge captured through stories, learnings and anecdotes.


Build and Maintain Momentum

Network and Collaborative efforts depend very heavily on maintaining momentum to help meet the collective vision for change and impact.

Key Features

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Share learning, resources, stories, event information, activities

Empower all the members of your network to post stories, learning resources and updates for others in the network to engage with and learn from.

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Bring all stakeholders on a single platform

Make all members and their work visible on your platform, and organise into special interest groups, or categorise by region, area of expertise or domain.

Build dynamic toolkits around best practices

An important role that networks and collectives play is to synthesize, share and train their members on the best practices and learnings around processes in a repeatable and scalable manner.

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Access Control and Moderation

Configure various roles on the platform with fine-tuned control on who can read, write, access and moderate content on the platform.

Social Activation Support

We work closely with the people stewarding the network to support their usage of the platform. We guide the integration of the platform into network activities such that it becomes an essential tool for maintaining the momentum of the network.

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Additional Features

There are a number of additional features such as

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Custom Domain Hosting

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Virtual Training Services


Progressive Web App (PWA)


Multiple Language Support


Integration of Newsletter

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Case Studies

Revitalizing Rainfed Agriculture Network (RRAN)

This 600+ member network's vision is to facilitate the establishment of productive and resilient rainfed agriculture systems. The platform helps to connect the members to each other and stay updated on all the activities undertaken, besides sharing knowledge openly.

Water Quality Network (WQN)

The evolving platform is a space for a number of organisations working in the drinking water domain to collaborate and leverage network synergies to create greater impact in their own programs as well as in alignment with the Jal Jeevan Mission.

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