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The Revitalizing Rainfed Agriculture Network (RRA N) is a 600+ member network with an objective to affect the nature, amount, and delivery of public investments for the establishment of productive and resilient rainfed agriculture.

With several subject-specific working groups, state networks and active initiatives the RRA N has a lot of activity happening across the board, and needed a way to keep the members tuned into the latest research, events, and happenings.

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Picture credits: RRA N 


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Subject Specific Groups

Pages to organise and make visible the members of a particular group, and the ability to dynamically update the work being done by a group through tagging and interlinking.

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Sharing Resources, News, Events

Simple templates to help structure the sharing of knowledge resources, collation of the latest news articles and update on upcoming events.

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Newsletter with Updates

The steward of the platform can curate from the latest content updates posted on the platform, and share a newsletter out to a mailing list where people sign themselves up.

Objective of Collaboration

More than a website

In early 2020, the RRA N were looking to re-work their website into a web platform which made it easier to make the members and the work more visible. The platform makes it easier for members of the public to sign up as network members, build profiles, submit content and learn from existing resources.

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All members on the platform can add these various content types but access control has been set up such that only a few vetted members can publish directly, whereas others have to go through moderation for the content to be published on the platform.

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Sharing Resources and Updates

Work on rainfed agriculture happens at the intersection of efforts by members of the network and others. Members can share resources such as research papers, policy notes, besides updates on projects that are related to the network’s efforts and aims.

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Each working group, state network, and affiliated organisation has a unique page that can be updated with static information. Along with that published content can be tagged with these, such that every page dynamically updates with related content.


There was a need to make the content on the network’s popular ‘Daily Digest’ newsletter connect better with the platform and go beyond news items alone. The opportunity was for the ‘Daily digest’ to act as a way for members to discover the latest in the domain and the Network.

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RRAN SS3.png

Issues around analytics and subscription were solved by the integration of a mail service, and the system created a way in which all updates could be shared via the website, creating a stronger link to network efforts.

Current Status

In March 2021 we handed over the administration and management of the platform to the RRA N Technology and Communications team, who have been managing the platform since. The platform continues to be used with a focus on the resources, news articles, and newsletter modules.

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Picture credits: RRA N 

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