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The Anandshala Program kickstarted in 2010-11 under the School Prevention Pilot Program (SDPP) funded by the USAID as part of a multi-country effort to test the effectiveness of dropout prevention interventions to lower school drop-outs. In India, the program was implemented by Quest Alliance in Samastipur, Bihar.

The Anandshala Change Leaders Platform focuses on building the capacity of teachers, and head teachers from primary and secondary schools to take action and become change leaders. This includes content in the form of interactive modules, tools, and resources.

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Learning Modules

Each change leader has their own dashboards where they access self-paced interactive lessons. They can add their reflections from their learnings in their notes that would be private to them.

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Monitoring Program

The program officers can monitor a change leader's progress to see how many modules completed. They can also track the results of the assessment questions answered after each lesson. 

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Sharing Experiences 

Change leaders can share their stories and change projects with their peers. Documenting change projects, help detail the problems they set to solve and update the progress they make.

Objective of Collaboration

A Common, Accessible Platform

The platform, consisting of the knowledge resources and data dashboard, is restricted to the Anandshala team and change leaders within the school ecosystem. The objective is to help teachers gain the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitude to bring about a positive impact within their school ecosystem.

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The main focus of the platform is the interactive learning modules for the teachers to guide them in the process of becoming change leader.

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Document and Share Stories and Learnings

In addition to this, the change leaders are able to document their work and share their experiences with other change leaders from their district, and state to enable cross-learning. By sharing good practices, challenges and solutions the idea is to bring a shift in behavior and enable every teacher to become a change leader.

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Even within the platform different stakeholders have different views, with only Program officers in the Quest team having access to track and monitor individual change leaders progress.

Share Stories and Learnings

For the knowledge section, we worked towards creating custom content types that help the change leaders to share and access stories. The change leaders and Program officers share and read case studies across the platform and have an option to post constant updates on their status.

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Lastly, the web based platform, while already responsive on browsers, was also deployed with offline capabilities on a Progressive Web App (PWA) which is important for the change leaders to record their data in areas with poor or no network connectivity.

Current Status

The work on the platform is over and the content is currently being piloted with the change leaders of Samastipur.

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