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Spark, steward and accelerate collaboration and knowledge sharing


Our Mission


Unlock the Tacit Knowledge of all stakeholders


Connect Practitioners, Experts, and Frontline workers in a single space

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Build and Maintain momentum amongst members

Domain, Sector and Region specific Communities of Practice and Networks abound. The opportunity is to use accessible, and contextually designed web platforms to facilitate real exchange and connections.


Showcase individual members, organisations and special interest groups

Make visible and reflect the structure and activities of the network digitally

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Share learning, resources, stories, event information, activities

Customised templates allow for any member in the network to share knowledge through a variety of guided formats.

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Share tools, best practices and toolkits across your network

Build Effective sharing of knowledge with Rich Toolkits, supported by narratives, connected to the community sharing it.

Content Moderation features to ensure high quality of content on your platform

Designated content moderators from your team will be able to steward the content on the platform to ensure quality and stop abuse


Additional Features

Data Dashboards

Usage Analytics

Multi-Lingual Input

Social Activation Services

New custom content templates

Newsletter Design and Features

Virtual training services

Brand building

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Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture Network (RRA N)

This 600+ member network's vision is to facilitate the establishment of productive and resilient rainfed agriculture systems. The platform helps to connect the members to each other and stay updated on all the activities undertaken, besides sharing knowledge openly.

Water Quality Network (WQN)

The evolving platform will be the stage for a number of organisations working in the drinking water space to collaborate and leverage network synergies to create greater impact in their own programs as well as in alignment with the Jal Jeevan Mission.

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