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Learning Experiences

For any program to scale and enable community participation, it is critical to keep the grassroots workers, internal teams, and partner teams updated with newer skills, processes, or tools that are relevant to the changing times. There is a need to build participatory learning ecosystems, involving project stakeholders in the design, and not just implementation.

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Our goal is to empower workers and communities to learn, share knowledge and build capacities through the use of appropriate socio-technical systems.

Creating Learning Ecosystems

For creating a learning ecosystem, it is important to focus on people - their programmatic needs and behaviour around learning, content, technology, and operational constraints. While understanding the four elements of the ecosystem, we work closely with our partners and learners to craft touchpoints, content, and systems to help meet capacity building needs and support them in the design and implementation of a program.

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Packages tailored to fit your learning needs

From suitable learning journeys across mediums to translating the content into bite-sized learning packets and engaging delivery mechanisms, we have built frameworks to create a learning ecosystem and adopt relevant capacity-building approaches across organisations.

Build learning journeys and personalised learning tools
Creating bite-sized learning content with engaging delivery mechanisms
Optimising and designing content that suits the audience
Support piloting the learning journey and implementation
Supporting sector funders to train organisations in Virtual training

The Process


Research driven and learner centered approach

Learner-centred design has been one of the foundational approaches to build any product or artefact at Ooloi Labs. It helps in understanding the audience types and their preferences for the context. It enables constructive methods to be successfully executed in new and powerful ways. 

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Building content through the instructional design lens

We create learning journeys for our audience. We do this to systematically design, develop and deliver products and experiences, in a manner that is efficient, effective, and engaging for different audiences. It may range from simple webinars to high fidelity play-based learning experiences. 

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Testing and iteration for refined outcomes

To ensure the content produced and the delivery mechanisms work for the target audience and in the given context, it is essential to get continuous and detailed feedback from learners and other stakeholders. This helps in refining prototypes and make the journeys more informed.

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Delivery mechanisms that are efficient, effective and scalable

Any virtual engagement aims to get as close to sustained in-person training as possible. We achieve it through a web of touchpoints that are accessible and familiar to the participants. Learning Management Systems, Webinars, The Open Knowledge Framework and Existing Communication Channels for one to one mentoring and peer support are a few examples.

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