Training Program Staff to cultivate Innovation mindsets and learn Design Thinking Processes and Skills

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Country: India

Location within Country: Bangalore + Samastipur + Patna

Client: Quest Alliance

Duration of assignment:  1 year

Year: 2018-19

Description of the project

Quest Alliance is a not-for-profit trust that equips young people with 21st century skills by enabling self-learning. Quest designs scalable solutions — products, services and systems that enable learners and teachers to ensure quality education towards better employability.


With the imminent shift and evolution in Quest’s organizational structure, there was a need to develop a process to uncover, incubate, develop and eventually implement innovations that can have far reaching impact in the sector and around Quest’s theory of change. The idea was to develop a process by which individuals and groups in the Quest ecosystem could imbibe an innovation centric thought process alongside empowering them with tools and frameworks to develop and document these innovative solutions. The process looked to train interested individuals in how Quest sees innovation, the tools to identify and develop these solutions, and then the support to take them from nascent ideas to solutions on the ground and possibly to scale beyond Quest’s immediate ecosystem.

The objective of this project was to:

1// Develop a process by which individuals and groups in the Quest ecosystem, both internal and external, could get to know the process of Design Thinking and imbibe an innovation centric thought process.

2// Lay the foundation for building a culture of innovation in the organisation.

Approach and Deliverables


Approach: The approach of the project was to research within the organisation, design a course, develop all content and then implement a pilot with a selected cohort from within the organisation. 

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Deliverables were:

  1. Concept Note about building a culture of innovation at Quest that clearly lays out the whole system and required touchpoints

  2. Designing a course that trains program staff to identify needs in their work, and to use the design process to respond to those needs with prototyped solutions

  3. Development of courseware through videos, handouts, and digital learning material to be hosted on the client’s internal learning management system.

  4. In partnership with the client team to provide one-on-one mentoring to each learner in the cohort

  5. Conduct weekly webinar workshops to process content and learnings

  6. Workshop and present the outcomes of the projects at the annual Quest to Learn summit