Virtual Training Partner


INREM Foundation

Period: Ongoing

INREM Foundation (based in Anand) works on various issues with a focus on water quality and health. The institution develops innovative interdisciplinary solutions and brings them into the wider domain of practice by participating with communities and government. They work in a networked format across over 5 states on the ground in the area of integrated fluorosis mitigation, besides supporting other organisations and networks working on arsenic, coastal salinity, besides being involved in policy discussions at the state and central levels.


The Engagement

Building on the Remote IFM Course [Read Case Study] that we helped INREM execute earlier in 2020, and pushed by opportunities created by their advocacy and partnerships team, the INREM team is working on various efforts in Rajasthan in particular but other states also to conduct various types of virtual training. Some ongoing efforts:

+ Partnering with NPPCF officers to train Medical Officers, Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) and ASHA workers on the basics of fluoride, fluorosis and rehabilitation.

+ Certification of partner organisations staff to conduct training of frontline workers virtually

+ Building foundational knowledge and extension of the Remote IFM learning experience to more partners and staff and many more..

We are now engaged in an ongoing manner to observe sessions, conduct research and support the INREM team to improve the content, delivery and systems around their various efforts. This also includes running research sessions with learners to understand their experience, assess learning outcomes and to gather feedback to bring back into the design process.

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We do this through a number of different methods, key to which is constant and open communication.

+ Direct research sessions with session participants, officers and learners

+ Observing virtual sessions, documenting feedback and working with INREM team to iterate processes and formats

+ Feedback on content for upcoming sessions from an instructional design and engagement lens