Changing attitudes among young girls and women about menstruation

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Country: India

Location within Country: UP and Haryana

Client: Quest Alliance

Duration of project: 3 months

Year: 2019

Description of the project

The objective was to educate the girls and women of UP and Haryana with information on menstrual health and hygiene and address myths related to menstruation connect with discrimination and violence faced by girls and women. By giving information on What, Why and How of periods, we built two games that addressed the Feeling of being dirty /घिन (Disgust) through play and game-based learning.

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Approach and Deliverables



HCD principles were adopted to understand the audience types. With the field research in 2 states, and 2 completely different audience types, different user profiles were created. 

With continuous testing and feedback, prototypes were created for a few games.


Deliverables were:

Research document, 2 games for 2 different audience types.