Content and translation strategy


Country: India

Location within Country: 8 states across the country

Client: Quest Alliance

Duration of project: 3 months

Year: 2019

Description of the project

Quest Alliance, is an ed tech organisation working with ITIs and VTIs across the country.   To make sure their content reaches the final mile, we worked on evaluation and improvement of their impact through the lens of languages. To ensure the content reaches the learners in a more digestible format and language, we built a framework and toolkit to enable easy content delivery. Along with that, a toolkit for minimal translation in the local language was also developed which could be adapted across different states of India. This project also involved scoping of technology to solve the problem effectively.  


Approach and Deliverables



HCD principles were adopted to understand the audience types. With the field research in 2 states, different user profiles were created. 

With continuous testing and feedback, a content strategy was defined. 

The translation framework was articulated by keeping the entire content base of Quest Alliance in mind. There were 4 different translation frameworks developed based on the approachability of the content and feasibility of translation.


Deliverables were:

Research document, Content Strategy, Translation framework