Avantika University Curriculum design


Country: India

Location within Country: Ujjain

Client: Avantika university

Duration of assignment:  9 months

Year: 2016-17

Description of the project

Avantika University has an innovative and contextual academic structure. A curriculum that is driven by design thinking. The curriculum is not just limited to the field of design, but spreads out to all domains where creation, innovation and problem solving are a must. A deep understanding of the context and the fields was done. After a number of trials, validation and feedback, the team created a curriculum that allows students to create their own specialisation. A specialisation that is not institute-driven but industry, need and choice-dependent. It breaks the boundaries of the stereotypical education system in design and engineering.

It is a model that inculcates personalized learning to make students discover themselves by becoming innovators and problem solvers and more importantly, become sound decision makers.

Approach and Deliverables



Design-Centric Learning at Avantika

Design centric learning at Avantika starts with engaging learners to confront challenges. The learners solve these challenges through analysis, reflection, ideation, synthesis, prototyping, and testing the impact.

As the academic program progresses, these challenges increase in scale, complexity, and ambiguity. Learners invest energy, time, and effort in these tasks. This approach leads them to ask questions and seek answers by reflection, collaboration, and interaction. The faculty members act as facilitators and collaborators in this endeavor. Learning at Avantika is ‘just-in-time’ and not ‘just-in-case’.

Learning principles

Project based learning

Learning through collaboration

‘How to think’ and not ‘what to think’

Social learning


Deliverables were:

Building the entire curriculum structure with the details of different courses 

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